Youth Ninjas


kids from 3 to 6
Everyday saturday morning

One of the most rewarding activities that your child can be involved in is the MARTIAL ARTS!  Our popular Youth Ninjas class is an age specific curriculum that is designed to teach children important life skills in a safe, fun and exciting environment.

The classes will greatly enhance your child's self-confidence and concentration whilst improving their basic motor skills and physical fitness through Martial Arts training. The classes help them to see the value of team work, good behaviour and trying their best outside of the classroom.

What to expect in a class...

All classes start and finish with courtesy and respect.
Before we begin, every student must show that they are focused and ready to start, standing to attention.

During the class the students will learn basic kicking, punching and blocking. They will learn how to use their voices, how to fall safely and to protect themselves.

They will work with each other on techniques but this is always NON-CONTACT for safety. There is an element of fitness training and hitting soft pads, but all done at a level suitable for the age group.

Most importantly, it is impressed upon them that what they learn is not to be used on others outside of the classes, unless it is in self defence. Good behaviour is developed with all students, both in and outside of the classes.