As a Path to Self Improvement

We provide you with a complete program in physical conditioning to improve yourself, speed, power, and flexibility.
Our training utilizes every muscle in your body.
Our classes will also help you develop and maintain a flexible, limber body.


As a Path to Self-Confidence

Most people who have trained with us quickly become aware of the changes in their physical strength and their personal attitudes. They improved coordination and confidence, inner peace and strength.
This enables them to approach their daily routines with more vigor and enthusiasm.


For Personal Growth and Development

Over time you will see yourself approaching problems and challenges in your life much differently.
Looking back on your training with us, you will notice that you have grown and developed in all aspects of your life, as seen in your personal relationships at home and work.


For Self-Defense

We teach you how to use your entire body as a weapon, developing the ability to defend yourself, and counter an attacker. µ
It conditions the reflexes to react instinctively if attacked. Our classes will help you against the hazards of city living.


As a Sport

Karate will develop skill and techniques (as demonstrated in the floor exercices, or "Kata").